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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. glenview structure fire with parties trapped in the residents. >> it's completely gone. >> panic and chaos. hear what happened in the minutes after the san bruno explosion. where the investigation goes next. she's free, a uc-berkeley grad released from iran. we'll tell you what she is doing now. >> good morning. it's wednesday, september 15. i'm elizabeth wenger. >> i'm sydnie kohara. good morning, everyone. it is 6:00. let's get you out the door and we'll take a look at traffic and weather now. gianna, how's it looking? >> if you are headed out now,
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heads up we have first reports of an accident westbound 24 at 580. chp headed out to the scene. we'll keep an eye on it. the metering lights still off at the bay bridge, starting to build with delays in the cash lanes. that's a look at traffic. here's your forecast, tracy? >> thanks, gianna. our forecast for today, we'll start things off with our high temperatures ranging from the lower 60s just along the coast. mid-60s in san francisco. lower 70s in oakland, 74 fremont, 78 san jose, 80s livermore, concord, napa, fairfield and santa rosa. nice day expected. more bay area cities and their high temperatures in just a few moments. back to you. >> thank you. a massive explosion strong enough to register as an earthquake. this morning, we are getting a better idea of what happened in the seconds after that san bruno blast. this is a cell phone video that a local man walter mccaffrey recorded. he says the blast knocked him off his feet. after making sure his family was out of the house, he called
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911 and took this video. for the first time we are getting a sense of what it was like as crews responded. we c assist with evacuations 10:59:06 can you see if cal fire is available to get r this to see what
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>> it wasn't until hours later we learned this was actually a pipeline explosion. >> a piece of a gas pipe that exploded last week in san bruno will arrive in washington tomorrow. anne makovec has been speaking with national transportation safety board investigators this morning. she has the latest on their investigation. anne, good morning. >> good morning. they are still investigating the scene here behind me in san bruno. they will be here for another several days as the investigation continues. and then they are going to be of course looking at the pipeline in washington, d.c. and as well as sifting through the reports, tips they have gotten from people who live around the crestmoor canyon area. they are continuing their work here into what happened during before and after the explosion and fire that destroyed 37 homes, injured about 50 people and killed at least 4, likely 7 actually since three people are still reported missing. in addition to their investigation here on the
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ground, the ntsb has gotten about 90 e-mails with tips from people who live around here. only one, though, with a report of someone smelling gas a few weeks prior to the explosion. they are also to report if they contacted any official, pg&e, police, fire, public utilities commission with the information. another big factor how long it took for the gas in the area to be turned off after the pipe ruptured. there are some valves that would have stopped the gas flow and what might have impeded authorities from getting to those valves immediately. the investigation to take a year. >> it could be a year, 12, 14 -- it's difficult to say at this stage because each examination might lead to other routes of examination. but having said that and that's
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because we do a very exhaustive detailed investigation but having said that, i emphasize that if we find issues that warrant immediate attention we didn't wait until the completion of that process. we put out recommendations immediately. >> reporter: here are some of the specific factors they are looking at from residents around here, if anybody smelled gas in the days prior to the explosion, specifically immediately before the explosion. if anybody saw any dead vegetation or has any video of the blast email that information to we also have that email address on our website, now, i'm going to be speaking live with the chief investigator here of the ntsb at 6:30 this morning. if you have any questions you would like me to ask him, email us at elizabeth and sydnie? >> anne, thanks very much. anne makovec in san bruno. the coroner's office has identified a fourth victim in
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the explosion. 81-year-old elizabeth torres, a mother of nine. she lived just yards from the blast site. she was home watching the nfl season opener when that explosion hit. she got trapped inside. victims of the blast were honored at last night's giants game. kids from san bruno baseball league took part in the ceremony. the giants donated $3 from every ticket to the recovery effort. that came out to more than $100,000 total. there is much more coverage of the san bruno explosion on our website including we have raw video, news conferences, the 911 tapes, and some information as well on how you can help. just check out it is 6:06. let's get another extended look at traffic and weather. >> he anna, people having to use their windshield wipers? >> he nan? >> they haven't turned on the
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metering lights just yet. it's still 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. elsewhere westbound 580 one of the busier spots the usual stuff through the altamont pass, traffic a little sluggish there. reports of a wreck on 80. details on that in my next report. now we have to see why those windshield wipers were needed this morning. >> got some drizzle out there. plenty of fog for the coastline. fog well into the bay and also foggy inland. because of the low clouds and the fog, check it out, sfo delays around 40 minutes this morning. temperatures out the door from the lower to the upper 50s. for the afternoon, let's talk about the temperatures. they are warming up. lower 70s to the mid-80s inland today. mid-60s to the upper 60s in the warmest spots for the bay and temperatures around the bay in the lower to the mid-60s along the coastline. not bad. we'll take a look at some more bay area cities also your weekend forecast, there could be a chance of rainfall, that's all coming up. back to you. >> thank you. time is 6:07. free at last. how a uc-berkeley grad is
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spending her first day of freedom after more than a year in captivity. and the bill clinton jerry brown spat takes a new turn. ree dunkin' donuts coffee -- want some? [ whoosh! ] i'd love some. one taste, and you'll understand. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries. america runs on dunkin'.
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but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california.
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he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth. (announcer) new icy hot power gel. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot power gel. don't mess around with pain. good morning. overall your wednesday drive fairly light. we are starting to see some slight delays in the cash lanes
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at the toll plaza. metering lights are still out. a complete look at traffic in a few minutes. >> thank you. a uc-berkeley grad is now resting in oman a day after she was released from prison in iran. sarah shourd reunited with her mother yesterday and is expected to get a medical exam today. shourd's mother says her daughter's been having some health problems including a lump in her breast. shourd was in custody for more than 13 months. her fiance and another male friend are still in custody. the three were arrested last year near iran's border with iraq. iran accuses them of espionage but they contend they accidentally crossed the border while hiking. all three have been told they will eventually have to face trial. the mothers of josh fattal and shane bauer appeared this morning on cbs's "the early show." >> and i was very happy to hear that josh and shane could say goodbye to sarah and that's a relief because they know that she is free and i'm sure they feel wonderful about that. but it is again their turn,
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their turn to taste freedom. >> the whole interview can be seen in the first half hour of "the early show." it begins at 7:00 this morning here on cbs 5. the tea party movement has pulled off a stunning upset in delaware's republican primary for u.s. senate. conservative christine o'donnell beat 9-term congressman mike castle who was endorsed by the state republican party. among o'donnell's supporters, former alaska governor sarah palin. o'donnell's main opponent in the november general election will be democrat chris coons. >> i stood before most of you a little over a week ago and said, we are not in this to come close. we are in this to win. >> whoo! >> and we're in this to win big. whoo! >> meanwhile in new york, democratic congressman charlie rangel has beaten five primary challengers despite an ethics investigation against him.
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he has is all but guaranteed re- election in november in the heavily democratic district. another interesting twist in the rocky win between former president bill clinton and jerry brown. mr. clinton endorsed brown's candidacy for governor. the endorsement came yesterday just a day after brown apologized to the former president for making a joke about the monica lewinsky scandal. the two men have traded shots at each other ever since they both sought the democratic nomination of president back in 1992. brown a former california governor faces republican meg whitman in november. it is 6:13. coming up, do you have a healthy personality? >> hm. wonder what that means. all right. the specific traits that could actually take years off your life. we have plenty of fog out there this morning. delays on arrivals at sfo because of the clouds. we'll take a look at how long those clouds will be sticking around and how much sunshine is in today's forecast. ,,
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as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again. can cause coma andider's even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds.
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good morning from the traffic center. highway 4 one of our business yet spots this morning. you can see some red and yellow on the screen. that means traffic sluggish westbound as you head through antioch. we do have reports of an accident just west of there. it is in the noncommute
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direction though eastbound 80 connector to eastbound four. cars involved possibly blocking lanes so heads up. bay bridge, right now no troubles to report. just seeing some slight delays here in the cash lanes. the fastrak lanes moving along well if you are taking the eastshore freeway towards the bay bridge, 580 all through the maze, everything is problem- free. elsewhere the golden gate bridge right now no delays to report traffic free-flowing across the span in both directions. commuting out of marin not a problem. south 101 clear to san rafael and novato. elsewhere san mateo bridge, traffic is light. in fact, an easy 14 minutes between hayward and foster city along the san mateo bridge. and let's head to the south bay with a look through milpitas. 880/237, no troubles. in fact your connector from 237 on to 880 actually looks good. minneapolis is also checking in with no troubles this morning. you can always get traffic every 10 minutes with our radio parents. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm.
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let's check your weather. tracy? >> hey, thanks, gianna. our weather for this morning, conditions outside boy, it's all about the clouds. fog and drizzle. delays around 40 minutes this morning. areas of fog with partly cloudy conditions inland. temperatures are moving up. today's highs in the mid-80s inland. sunshine around the bay with temperatures in the 60s. >> and a mix of sun and clouds along the coast. temperatures ranging from 60 to 64 degrees. as we look at our high temperatures today, look at that 78 in san jose, 77 in milpitas, 76 degrees in sunnyvale, lower 70s in palo alto, san mateo. and the lower 60s at the coast. just along the bay lower to mid- 60s from berkeley, 69 degrees in alameda. lower 70s in hayward. and we move inland and it's all
6:19 am
about the 80s. 80 degrees in danville, 78 in dublin, 84 in livermore. and the mid-80s in antioch and in brentwood. 80s also expected today in napa, sonoma and petaluma. warmer than yesterday. mid-70s in san rafael and san anselmo and the mid-60s in sausalito and in san francisco. today thursday and friday similar temperatures. friday we cool down a bit. saturday and sunday, are you taking a look at that weekend? it's going to be cloudy with a frontal system moving in, chance of showers and cooler temperatures. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. here it is a look at today's top stories. governor schwarzenegger will visit san bruno today to tour the damage caused by the pipeline explosion. he will also be updated on recovery efforts. a state of the emergency was declared in san mateo county last week when the natural gas line burst. federal investigators say a piece of the gas pipe that exploded last week in san bruno is expected to arrive in washington for analysis tomorrow. the national transportation
6:20 am
safety board's lead investigator told cbs 5 this morning his staff continues to interview witnesses. investigators are also following up on about 90 tips that have been emailed to the agency. san jose councilmembers have voted for an elevated track. the best way for high-speed rail to go through the city's downtown. the other option is underground tunnel, but construction would be more expensive and more disruptive. the decision now goes to the california high-speed rail authority. today an fda panel will consider the future of a once popular weight loss drug. a study found meridia can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke in people who have underlying heart disease. the panel could decide to strengthen warnings for the drug or pull it off the market entirely. meridia is already banned in europe. the drug's maker says the product is safe for people who do not have heart disease. also, a new study shows there could be a link between heart problems and personality. research shows that people with
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a type d personality have a three times higher risk of getting artery disease or having a heart attack. elizabeth, you know what that is? >> no. never heard of type d. >> these people tend to have higher levels of anxiety, pessimism and depression. interesting. >> what's type b type b and c? >> we'll figure it out. 6:21. search results in an instant. >> that's right. google it. cnet' brian tong joins us with the pros and cons of google's new search tool. ,,,,
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and.. as c-net's brian tong tells us: google's not the only saving you time online. this week google made online searching faster than evidence. >> cnet's brian tong tells us google isn't the only one going into it. you got it? quick, quick! >> good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> the new thing is there are a lot of trends in tech and location services where do they want to be to tell people but google is pushing the instant feature and everyone right now can currently -- normally if you go to as you start typing in a search field you will entries show up with every letter you press. it takes 9 seconds to enter the search, 15 seconds t select it so it will save valuable seconds. we want to show you a demo.
6:25 am
i'm going to our screen here. this is everyone has access to this. so for example if i just type the letter w, it will instantly -- so it comes up weather, wells fargo. >> i think it's -- don't certain browse, like our -- i noticed this downstairs in the newsroom, some computers it works and some it doesn't. >> here we go. so we're probably running right now we're on safari on a mac. oh, there is it for you. oh, okay. i just got in here and essentially, let me go here and show you this if i can. what happens is as you type in... as every character pops open you see a field of hits. >> it's predicting what you do? >> it's predictable. if you are in the bay area and you type in the letter w it's going to show you hits for like
6:26 am
weather. if you type in your name sydnie kohara, as i type in the names syd without even me having to finish the search your name shows up automatically. >> it makes it faster. is it more accurate? >> for the most part. i mean, all the searches i have done, you know, typing in my name and things i want to do and checked out is pretty accurate. but what other people are doing now is taking this trend of google doing instant things and this is a site called krome ozone and for example, now that everyone is -- i'm going to type in the word monkey and as i type in each character, you will see these fields fill out. >> five different sites! suggestion from google, amazon, netflix, wikipedia, youtube. wow. that's great. >> this happens with every character. so start typing in your name. syd... nie... if you look on the left-hand side for the google searches i know it's small, your name
6:27 am
shows up. >> netflix or -- [overlapping speakers] a19-year-oldd college student from stanford built this after he saw google's instant search. the videos on the bottom change and they will start automatically playing. this is instant search for video. >> wow! everyone is trying to do the new thing. >> it's one of the cool new things. sorry about the fact that our google website didn't work with this browser but try it at home. you will see what we mean. >> you can get five different. >> that's called chrome-ozone. >> it's cool. >> save you that precious couple of seconds. >> brian tong from cnet, thank you. all right. we'll be right back.
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the latest on the investigation into the pipeline explosion in san bruno, i am talking live with the lead investigator of the ntsb coming up next. ,,,,,, mm, my water just broke!
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which is really exciting... except i'm at a grocery store. i was just standing here with a carton of oj, and all of a sudden, it was all over the floor. the water, not the oj. and i'm not near my doctor and i'm not really sure what i should do... [ intercom ] clean up on aisle three! [ inhales deeply ] ugh. [ male announcer ] when the unexpected happens, you need a health plan you can trust. 3.4 million californians trust us with their health coverage needs. blue shield.
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e first time we your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good morning.
6:31 am
it's wednesday september 15. it's 6:30. for the first time, we are getting a sense of what it was like as crews responded to the san bruno pipeline explosion. here's some of what firefighters on the scene were saying. >> my situation here, i felt multiple homes at least six to eight homes on fire in the 11 or 1200 block of claremont. pipeline hours later it was learned it was a pipeline explosion, not an airplane crash as originally thought. the governor will tour the area of the fire disaster today. our anne makovec is in san bruno where she has been speaking with investigators
6:32 am
this morning from the ntsb. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. they are continuing their investigation here in the neighborhood in san bruno that is still blocked off this morning. i'm here with christopher hart. he is the vice chairman of the ntsb. i know you guys have been getting a lot of tips in from residents around the area. what are they saying? >> in fact, we invited tips because one of the things we want to know is, did anybody smell gas and report it immediately prior to this event? that would help us determine, for example, if there were a gas odor that would help us determine that there was a leak before the explosion as opposed to a catastrophic rupture which would have no leak before the explosion. >> reporter: but you only got one report thus far of somebody who did sme gas? >> yes, that was a few weeks ago. they called pg&e and pg&e responded. i'm looking for contemporaneous reports. >> you're taking those at >> reporter: a lot of folks would like to get back into the
6:33 am
area. what are you doing on the ground? >> we have already released the pit itself back to the authorities so they can resume the return to normalcy of the infrastructure in there but meanwhile, we are completing our damage assessment. we're doing other things on the site. most of our on site work is new completed. and the subsequent work will be off site. >> reporter: all right. when we talk about off site, we're talking about out shutoff valve, pg&e's shutoff valve for the pipeline. tell me exactly what you're looking at when it comes to those. >> we want to make sure the valves are still operable and make sure that they are easily operable. that's one. recommendations that came from a 1982 pipeline problem in san francisco that we investigated and we put out recommendations to say, make sure that the first responders know where the valves are and know what to do when get to the valves and make sure that the valves still work. so those are issues we'll look at. >> reporter: preliminarily does that look like this is an issue? it took almost two hours for pg&e to shuts offer the valve. >> we are in the process of developing a timeline to
6:34 am
determine that because that's one of the crucial issues we are looking at how long it took to respond. >> reporter: a viewer wants to know what changes can we expect to be implemented to fix this problem of old or ineffective bad pipes? >> that's for the regulators. the puc has already issued a 10- points order asking him to do various things including a reduction in the pipe pressure and things of that sort. what we'll be doing in that regard is as we do the investigation, if we see problems that warrant immediate attention, we'll put out immediate recommendations. >> reporter: all right. you have assured us that you are going to be putting recommendations out to them. we can expect some sort of changes from this investigation in the way we go forward preventing these types of emergency happening. christopher hart, thank you for joining us back to you. >> thank you. in san bruno this morning, the disaster has a lot of people wondering if they have
6:35 am
potential time bombs under their cities. one example is livermore where the fire department has a map showing a large gas pipe line in the southern part of the town. it's mostly beneath vineyards but not far from the shadowbrook neighborhood t runs to sunol. cbs 5 obtained a 2009 pg&e report which called that pipeline the highest risk in the bay area. >> my gosh, i think our citizens deserve some information from pg&e so we know what this means. >> reporter: and what have you got fren pg&e? >> so far, we have actually -- nothing. the truth is, nothing. >> all right. well, the pg&e documents also show a high risk pipeline in fremont in the city's irvington and mission san jose districts. state assemblyman jerry hill of san mateo says he would like a law that would force utilities to go public with the locations of those high risk pipelines. there is actually a government run website where you can find out if there is a natural gas transmission line in your neighborhood. we have put that link on our
6:36 am
website. so if you want to check it out, you can go to it is 6:35. in other news, a uc-berkeley grad is now resting in oman a david paterson after being released from prison in iran. sarah shourd will get a medical exam today. the mother says the daughter has been having health problems including a lump in her breast. shourd was in custody for more than 13 months. her fiance and another male friend are still in custody. the three were arrested last year near iran's border with iraq. iran accuses them of spying -- excuse me, the espionage, but they contend they accidentally crossed the border while hiking. all three have been told they will eventually have to face trial. shourd spoke briefly with the media yesterday. >> in all of my efforts starting today are going to go into helping procure the same freedom for my fiance shane bauer and for my friend josh fattal because i can't enjoy my freedom without them.
6:37 am
>> the mothers of fattal and bauer appeared this morning on cbs's "the early show" and you can see their interview right here on cbs 5 just after 7:00 this morning. time now is 6:37. going to check traffic with gianna. i see a sea of headlights unfortunately at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> you are absolutely right. in fact, they just turned the metering lights on and we have a stalled vehicle reported. we are seeing a backup to grand. that disabled vehicle westbound at the metering lights is blocking the right lane so you will need extra time to get through there. san mateo bridge a good alternate. westbound 4 at a street motorcycle accident right lane blocked traffic backed up in the area chp on scene. elsewhere on 680 the benicia bridge, we do have an accident in that area at the toll plaza with injuries. that's traffic. here's your forecast. >> thank you, gianna. additional warming, yeah, we're warming up today. concord hit 76 degrees yesterday. 74 in santa rosa. 74 in san jose. and 62 in san francisco. today, we're warming up. lower 80s in concord, lower 80s
6:38 am
in santa rosa, 78 degrees in san jose and 65 in san francisco. enjoy the warmer weather because cooler conditions and a chance of rainfall will be moving into the bay area. i'll let you know when and for how long in just a few moments. back to you. >> thank you. 6:38. twitter get a face-lift. it's a new web experience that will allow for the display of photos and videos. kcbs radio's matt bigler is in silicon valley to explain. >> reporter: good morning. this is a pretty major tweaking of twitter if you will. the website is going beyond the 140 characters per text entry or tweet to now allow users to post things like video, pictures, images, multimedia. the company's ceo evan williams says this is a faster, easier andrimper experience. so what does it look like? left side is tweets, right side
6:39 am
is multimedia content. our technologist says the changes should help twitter compete with facebook and help the company's bottom line. >> it opens up potential advertising revenue for twister because if they choose to, they can put advertising on those pages and by getting people to stay longer that means exposure to those ads. >> reporter: the website upgrade which should be finished this week may take a couple of days before you see these changes -- it should be finished this week. this is the biggest change to twitter since the website was launched four years ago and has become very popular. live in san jose, i'm matt bigler for cbs 5. >> thank you. tweaking twitter. like that. 6:39. it's been a rough year for the state's economy. are things looking up? find out next in your opinion moneywatch report and why san francisco's plan to slap an extra tax on alcohol is on thin ice. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:41 am
6:42 am
tropical storm that could cause some problems in the coming days. welcome back, everyone. we are keeping an eye on two hurricanes and a tropical storm that could cause problems in
6:43 am
the coming days. here's hurricane igor from the international space station. igor is still far out in the atlantic and its winds have diminished slightly. even farther out in the atlantic, hurricane julia became a category 4 storm just this morning. and we have tropical storm karl bearing down on mexico's yucatan peninsula today. it looks like heavy rains from karl. >> we'll have to keep an eye on all of that. >> and troubles on the freeways right now. highway 4 especially you have a motorcycle accident in the right lane with injuries. you can see traffic just slow and go crawling along through antioch. give yourself extra time as you work your way through there. westbound 580 troubles, as well. injuries reported in the wreck. chp and emergency crews on the scene. right lane blocked. they are trying to get it off to the right side. right now delays back to 205 at this point through the altamont pass. over to the bay bridge we go, stalled vehicle in the number 4 lane right at the metering lights. traffic is just crawling along there very slow and go. you're backed up almost to the
6:44 am
maze at this point. san mateo bridge if you want to use that if you have a choice looks better. extra volume in both directions but over at nice speeds between 880 and 101. northbound clear near the coliseum. southbound extra volume through hayward but overall traffic up to speed through the area. 280 typical volume. traffic nice speeds. guadalupe parkway no problems. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. tracy has your forecast. >> thanks, gianna. plenty of clouds, drizzle and mist and the fog, yeah, definitely back this morning. covering some of the towers associated with the bay bridge there. it is expected to be a nice
6:45 am
day. fog, areas of drizzle for the coastline. because of fog, we have delays on arrivals at sfo around 40 minutes and some fog inland. mostly sunny expected inland. highs in the 80s. sunshine for most around the bay with temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to the upper 60s. a mix of sun and clouds along the coastline. high temperatures today, 78 degrees in santa clara. 77 in milpitas. 73 in union city. 72 in san mateo. and 61 degrees in pacifica. upper 70s in san ramon. lower 70s in hayward, 78 in dublin. and the mid-80s in antioch and in brentwood. 80 in petaluma and sonoma, 72 vallejo, 77 kentfield. 37 in mill valley and 65
6:46 am
degrees in sausalito and in san francisco. next couple of days, you will see temperatures jogging down a bit by friday. take a look at the weekend. something else is coming down, a chance of showers both weekend days. cooler temperatures and also plenty of clouds expected. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> this is a crawl back under the covers kind of morning. thank you, tracy. a new alcohol tax has won initial approve from san francisco's supervisors. >> but that vote was 7-3, which is one vote short of what's needed to over ride mayor newsom's promised veto. the new fee would apply to alcohol served at bars and restaurants. it adds an extra 5 cents to a bottle of beer even more for hard liquor with the money going to alcohol abuse programs. >> honda is returning to the port of richmond after pulling out in the mid-'90s. they will ship vehicles and boost business by 25% and make $37 million in improvements to the facility. there is no quick fix for
6:47 am
california's economy, at least that's what is what a new outlook is saying this morning. we have jason brooks with kcbs and with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: the anderson school forecast out of ucla pretty much following what we have been seeing as far as all the forecast from the fed and everyone else is saying about economies that we are not going to see a whole lot of quick growth in the next few years. right now the unemployment rate in california stands at 12.6%. and the anderson forecast says we probably should not expect to see that below double digits until after 2012. there are a quarter million construction jobs that have evaporated and 50,000 in the mortgage industry. it's going to take a long time to get the jobs back. most of the residential housing for us will take place on the coast, but that is going to be offset by stagnant growth in the inland and central valley areas. most of the job growth will have to occur in the tech industry such as in the silicon
6:48 am
valley. we are seeing the stock market move a little lower this morning on a couple of different factors. one of them is japan making its first move to weaken the yen against the dollar in a number of years. the reason is that japan is trying to help out its manufacturers who have been struggling such as honda and toyota. and as a result, we are seeing the dollar rise which will hurt u.s. manufacturers exporting their goods overseas. industrial production in the u.s. rose only a tepid .2% in august lower than expected and slower than what we saw the month before. as a result, we have the dow lower by 28 points right now, nasdaq is down by about 10. s&p 500 off by 5. the refi activity is cooling off despite mortgage rates being so low. the mortgage bankers association says this past week we saw an 11% drop in refis while new home purchase loans were down about .4% this while the average 30-year loan came
6:49 am
in at 4.47% down from 4.5% the week before. >> didn't it hit like 4.3% one week? i mean, it is really just incredibly low. >> reporter: we've seen yields on the 10-year note pushed down by a number of factors including the fed saying it's going to purchase more government bonds. that's kept mortgage rates low but we have seen that activity exhausted over the past few months. people pretty much jumped on the refi bandwagon already. >> thank you very much, jason brooks with kcbs and students at a pennsylvania university are banned from using social media this week. it's an experiment just to see what happens. >> and you're just praying it doesn't happen around here. >> i know. >> i think elizabeth, you're addicted. you admit it. >> i am. >> this is our question of the day. what would you do without social media? and laura e-mails us, she says, i don't have twitter, facebook or anything like that. my social networking is face
6:50 am
to face, dinner out, telephone calls, sitting down and talking with someone. don't plan on changing either. i like that. >> you can be very popular on facebook if you have hundreds of friends. >> on facebook, alan says it's my drug of choice. it's easy to keep clicking that refresh button to see what's going on in everyone's life. >> sam said i would be strapped to the phone more often if i wasn't on social media. blech. >> guys don't like talking on the phone. maybe it's easier for them. can you say cattle call? >> how the airlines may soon be able to cram more people on a plane. ,, hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote.
6:51 am
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6:54 am
the governor's first look at the devastated neighborhood in the crestmoor canyon area of san bruno. governor schwarzenegger will arrive here where the neighborhood is still block offer. the neighborhood continues its investigation into what happened into the fire that destroyed 37 homes, injured 50 people and killed at least 4, likely 7 since three are still missing. in addition to the investigation on the ground, the ntsb has gotten 90 e-mails with tips from people who live around here. only one with the report of someone smelling gas a few weeks prior to the explosion. another big factor in the investigation, how long it took for the gas in the area to be turned off after the pipe ruptured and why after a similar explosion in san francisco. there were some recommendation about accessibility when it comes to shutoff valves for the
6:55 am
gas line. now, the section of pipeline blown into the air by the blast is on its way to washington, d.c. set to arrive tomorrow. >> it can be a year, 12, 14 -- it's difficult to say because each examination might lead to other routes of examination. but having said that, and that's because we do a very exhaustive and detailed investigation. but having said that i emphasize that if we find issues that warrant immediate attention then we don't wait until the completion of that process. we put out recommendation immediately. >> reporter: the ntsb is still asking for tips from people who live around here. anyone who smelled gas prior to the explosion, particularly immediately before the explosion. also, anyone who saw any dead vegetation that seemed to be dead for no apparent reason, if you have video of the blast, email information to we have that information on our website, back to you. >> thank you, anne makovec in
6:56 am
san bruno. and let's take you right to the bay bridge right now. couple of things going on right here. first reports of an accident westbound at midspan multi- vehicle wreck, there are delays as you work your way past the metering lights across the upper deck. so give yourself some extra time. we are backed up into the maze. the metering lights are off. earlier stalled vehicle westbound at the metering lights has been cleared out of lanes. westbound a street motorcycle accident blocking the right lane blocked up to hillcrest if not beyond at this point. a sea of red through there. give yourself some extra time. over on 580 a slow and go ride this morning. we have delays from 205 beyond grant line at this point. we have an accident at grant line on the westbound side. it is stuck in the right lane. you can see traffic is just crawling along through there. in fact, you get a bit of a breakthrough livermore but again on the brakes approaching 680 near the dublin interchange. if you'red haded out and about through mass transit, use ace instead of 580, probably a good choice. no delays, everything on time.
6:57 am
bart systemwide is clear. muni and caltrain all checking in with no troubles. live look at the golden gate bridge. one of our bright spots so to speak this morning as far as traffic goes. tracy, not so much for weather. >> not bright at all weather- wise. plenty of fog out there this morning, areas of drizzle, cloudy conditions, so i thought we would find a little sunshine. so we went to our mount vaca cam and our sunrise at 6:51, at 6:57, that's a lot of sunshine. we are expecting a beautiful day especially inland with temperatures in the mid-80s. they will be slightly warmer again today. upper 60s around the bay and the mid-60s along the coastline. another nice day thursday. friday we start to cool down as a frontal system moves in, look at the weekend chance of showers. i'm just the messenger. expected to cool down more clouds, and a chance of showers both days saturday and sunday. now, one of you ladies yesterday mentioned something about cats. somebody said why don't we ever
6:58 am
have pictures of cats? someone heard you. because this is called ugly cat. catch up on the news. so if you have a nice photo would you like to share with us, maybe your cat is checking out the news, update cat -- >> my cat watches the 6:00 news. >> this is send us your pictures. >> i'll send you a picture of abbey watching the news. 5:58. you know, it's hard to believe someone would actually intentionally design a more uncomfortable airline seat? they did. >> giddyup! they d that does not look comfortable. i think we need a man's perspective on this. we could probably fit but they are tight quarters. it provides almost 10" less leg room. the seat was unveiled at an aircraft interiors expo in long beach. the company says it hasn't taken any orders but it has gotten a lot of interest. i think people are going to be
6:59 am
standing up soon. >> you see how it is basically kind of -- that would be hard to sit in. i guess you're supposed to -- it goes down so you feel like you're going to slide off. >> that should be $25. >> would you ride across th country? >> no. >> they say it's 3 hours or less. >> are you kidding? >> good luck with that. someone said why not sedate the passengers and stack them up like firewood, someone said on a blog. >> that's almost what they're doing. if you have a story idea or comment to share with us or your cat watching the news picture, where is brian? there is unser. give us a wave. he takes care of us early in the morning. anyway, email and check out brian's daily briefing at 11:00 a.m. here on thanks for watching. >> we got a new -- >> okay. >> there is a look at san francisco. put yourke

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